Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grand Teton Brewing Co. - Old Faithful Ale; Lost Continent Double IPA; Sweetgrass APA; Bitch Creek Extra Special Brown

The Grand Teton Brewing Company is in Victor, Idaho.

Old Faithful Ale Yellowstone's Finest Pale Golden - This 5.3% ABV beer pours dark golden and slightly cloudy with a small, thin head.  The aroma is clean and fresh, slightly sweet, a bit of plum-like fruit and some grain/pastry.  The taste is sweet, but not strongly so, a fresh biscuit with honey.  Flavorful yet easy drinking, there is just enough bitterness on the finish to give some crispness.  This is very good golden ale, a little bit more carbonation and it would be hard to get enough of this in the summer.

Lost Continent Doulbe IPA - This 8.0% ABV beer pours a bright orange-amber and cloudy.  The aroma is of fruit and sweet cantaloupe.  The taste is light for the style, fruit and slightly sweetened iced tea with lemon with a medium bitter finish.  This is a very heavily hopped beer and I wish mine was fresher as I think it has probably lost a lot of the more citrus and pine notes of the hops.

Sweetgrass American Pale Ale - This 6.0% ABV beer pours a glowing orange-brown-copper in color with a half inch of thick and creamy off-white head.  There is thick and sticky lacing down the glass.  The aroma is fruity, fresh-squeezed orange juice and melons.  The taste follows the aroma, sits on a balancing bed of caramel malt, and finishes with a grapefruit like dry bitterness.  This is seperated from an American style IPA only by its name.  This is a hophead's delight of an APA.

Bitch Creek Extra Special Brown E.S.B. - This 6.0% ABV beer pours dark brown with ruby highlights, translucent around the edges.  There is a quarter inch of light brown head.  The aroma is somewhat sweet, dark roasted malt and chocolate.  The taste is dark mocha chocolate, a touch of cofee, dark roasted malt, with a bitter finish and a light sour note.


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