Sunday, April 10, 2011

Estrella Damm Daura

This is a low gluten lager from the Estrella Damm brewery of Barcelona, Spain.  The bottle says the gluten is less than 6 parts per million.  I don't know what that means, but heard that it is 95% gluten free.

The beer pours a light golden straw color with three-quarters of an inch of white foamy head that leaves considerable lacing.  There is a lot of carbonation in the beer.  The aroma is fresh, lightly floral, with just a touch of lager "funk."  The taste is biscuit, a light floral note, some lager funk and a medium bitter finish. 

I have tried several gluten free beers.  They were all terrible with the exception of St. Peter's Sorghum beer which was good.  This beer is good too.  If I needed low gluten I would definitely drink it, but it is an enjoyable and refreshing lager even if you did not need low gluten. 

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