Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chameleon Brewing Company

Chameleon is from Glendale Wisconsin.

Hop On Top Aroma Hop Ale - This beer pours honey golden with just a hint of copper.  The aroma is resinous, slight grapefruit peel, slight pine, slight soapiness.  The taste is just plain strange.  I can't even place it.  Alien, yet familiar.  Perhaps a bit like a liquefied clove cigarette.  This is not good.

Ryediculous IPA - This beer pours dark copper to light brown in color, cloudy, with absolutely no head, and little carbonation.  There is a large amount of sediment in the bottle.  The aroma is pretty light, slightly fruity, and leather.  The taste is light fruity followed by massive, mouth-puckering bitterness with that slightly spicy rye effect in the background.  I'm not feeling this one either. 

Fire Light Beer - This 4.2% ABV beer pours light honey golden in color.  The aroma is somewhat malty, wet grain, and fresh, bitter grass.  It drinks fairly light with a slightly sweet graininess and a slight hop bitterness, with a watery aftertaste.
The web site says this is a new venture by a Sprecher from Sprecher Brewing Company where they are making highly drinkable beers.  The ones I have tried are terrible (although the Fire Light is a decent light beer).

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