Friday, February 18, 2011

Milkwaukee Special Reserve Light

This beer is brewed by GJS Sales in La Crosse, Wisconsin which I assume means it is brewed by City Brewing. It comes in Light, Regular and Ice.  I have had all three, but only have the light now, so I will review that one.

Light - This beer pours light pale golden in color with a head that disappears instantly.  The aroma is sweet and somewhat fruity, like malt-o-meal with apple slices on it.  The taste is unfortunately not as good as the aroma.  Expectations are low with a beer like this, but the taste of these cheap beers is usually slightly better than their aroma.  That is reversed in this case.  The taste is like slightly sour apple, a bit metallic, with a touch of old, wet grain.

If you get MSR, get the regular or ice, they were much better than the light, and I recall them as not too bad for ultra-cheap beers.

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