Friday, January 7, 2011

Peter's Brand Classics Dutch Style Pilsner

I got this at Trader Joe's.  It is described as a Dutch style pilsner and is a product of Germany.

It is made in Braunschweig, Germany by the Hofbrauhaus Wolters, under license from the Union Export Brewery of Breda, Holland.

The beer pours a very dark golden color with a generous white foamy head.  The aroma is heavy with grain and straw, biscuity, and a sharp tang of hops.  The taste follows the aroma very closely, there is very little bitterness on the finish, and in fact less than I would expect for this style.  This beer is very flavorful, but its downfall is that it has a very weak and watery mouthfeel.  It's too bad, the taste is great, but the feel in the mouth is wrong for the style.  5.0% ABV.

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  1. well I tried and it is nice but need to recomment something else - here is link which I catch accidentaly