Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sierra Dorada Lager

Pours a dark golden with ample carbonation.  Not a lot of aroma, smells of crisp apples, a bit of sweetness and a bit of tartness.  Not a lot of flavor either, mostly of apples, a hint of grain, a bit of sourness.  The carbonation is intense and burns the mouth and throat.  The only circumstance under which I would drink this beer is with really spicy food.  Then it would be a good counterpart.  It is not one I would want to sit around and drink by itself.  It is essentially a low to middling quality American macro lager dressed up with a Spanish name and nice looking can.   4.3% ABV.  Brewed and canned by the Black Mountain Brewing Company of Rochester, New York for the Black Mountain Brewing Company of Cave Creek, Arizona.

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