Thursday, December 2, 2010

Magic Hat Brewing Company

The Magic Hat Brewing Company is out of S. Burlington, Vermont.

#9 Not Quite Pale Ale (with natural flavor) - This beer pours a very light copper in color and is highly carbonated.  The aroma is not what I expected.  It is fruity in a sort of cherry juice type of way, along with a medicinal aroma.  The taste is of the fruit juice and malt.  There is a hint of rye flavor in this for me, but I don't know whether there is actually any rye in the malt.  5.1% ABV.  The natural flavor added is apparently apricot.  I can detect it much more in the aroma as it warms than I can in the taste.  Unfortunately for me, its effect on the taste is to turn slightly medicinal.

H.I.P.A. - This beer pours honey golden to light copper in color.  The aroma is hop forward, pine, grass and some yeast, with malt behind it.  The taste directly follows the aroma and finishes quite dry and bitter, with a floral and orange peel aftertaste.  6.7%   ABV.

Odd Notion Fall 2010 - This is a green apple wit beer at 4.5% ABV.  It is a very light golden in color and slightly cloudy.  The aroma is not surprising for the style, massive apple, yeast and some wheat malt.  It smells a lot like a green apple jolly rancher.  The title has some truth, this beer is odd.  If you like yeasty jolly ranchers, then this is the beer for you.  Personally, that is not at all the type of beer I would choose.

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