Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA

Oskar Blues brews and cans (they are can only) in Longmont, Colorado.  This beer is a whopping 10% ABV.  The can states, "Does Your CANscience Bother You?  Tell the Truth!  DISESTABLISHMENTARIAN"

This beer pours a dark honey to light copper in color, slightly cloudy, with a short head that is nevertheless thick and foamy, although it does then rapidly dissipate.  The aroma is of massive hops, more tropical fruit than citrus, although both are present and a touch of pine.  The taste follows the aroma, definite tropical fruit, some pineapple, some melon, some citrus, a bit of pine, very hop forward, but sitting atop a very sturdy foundation of unobtrusive malt.  For 10% there is not overt alcohol in the flavor, but it can be detected in the nose as the beer is in the mouth.  This actually drinks refreshingly light and flavorful for its high alcohol.  This is a superb Imperial IPA.

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