Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stevens Point Brewery Brewmaster's Series - Whole Hog Imperial Pilsner; Whole Hog Six-Hop IPA

Whole Hog Imperial Pilsner -  Dark honey gold in color and slightly cloudy.  Aroma of fresh grain and grass with a hint of sweetness.  It is sweet and bitter at the same time with a heavy undertone of malted grain and a bracing pilsner hop finish.  Not as sweet and alcohol laden in flavor as many imperials.  8.5% ABV.

Whole Hog Six-Hop IPA - This 8.5% ABV beer pours a medium brown, dark copper, and orange in color with a half inch of off white head.  The aroma is burnt sugar, caramel, stale port wine.  I am suspecting this bottle is past its prime, it does not smell like an IPA.  The taste is cloying sweet, burnt sugar, old sherry.  I wish this had a best before date on it.  Right now it is trash.

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